* We are creating the in-orbit infrastructure needed to get humans into space, starting with the first in orbiting propellant depot. Everyone here is building that. So will you.
* We believe you will learn the most, and develop habits that will serve you well in your career if you are given real projects and real responsibility. You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with our engineers to design, build, and test flight hardware and software. We can't guarantee that you won't do any photocopying, because even our CEO does photocopying when needed. But you will learn from great engineers and your contribution will make a difference.


* You must have built something. Preferably something that has flown in space.
* You are currently pursuing a B.S. or M.S. in a technical discipline (e.g. engineering, CS, physics) with a focus on mechanical engineering, systems engineering, aerospace fuels, control systems, orbital mechanics, or spacecraft propulsion.
* You are a US citizen or resident
* You have a demonstrated passion for hardware/software development, working in fast-paced environments and hands-on design and development.
* You have demonstrated a capacity to personally design, build, and test hardware or software from scratch.

Orbit Fab is an equal opportunity employer, embracing diversity to build corporate resilience.